Membership of LASF  is drawn from the following Institutions :

·       All the Councils in the Republic of Zambia

·       ZESCO

·       National Housing Authority

·       Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company

·       Eastern Water and Sewerage Company


According to the LASF Act , a Local Authority means ;

(a)      A City Council,

(b)     A Municipal council

(c)      A District Council and

(d)     Any other statutory body of persons which the Minister of Local Government may, in consultation with the Board of the Local Authorities Superannuation Fund, declare by statutory instrument as a local authority.

·       A member means any employee of a Local or Associated Authority who is contributing to the Fund or any person who is in receipt of an “Annuity”. An “Annuity” means an annual sum payable out of the Fund during the lifetime of a member or of the Widow of a member.

·       A member is also required under the LASF Act to register his / her dependants with the Fund : “ Dependant” in relation to a member means :


(a)      Any of the following persons whose name has been notified to the Fund in writing by the member :


–                 The Spouse or Minor child of such a member

–                 A parent , brother , sister, stepchild, minor adopted child or adult child of such member wholly or in part dependent upon such member for support and maintenance and

–                 Any other person who satisfies the Fund that he/she is wholly dependant upon such member for support and maintenance.