Investment Activities:

LASF is mandated to undertake investments activities by utilising part of contributions received from member’s organisations for investment in various investment instruments available on the Zambian financial markets. Section 12(i) of the LASF Act permits the Fund to invest in various investment portfolios. The Investment Policy which takes into account the provisions of the pensions regulatory requirements further provides the Fund’s investment objectives and guidelines on the management of its investment portfolios. The Investment Policy aims at achieving investment growth through maximizing returns and minimizing risks.

·       Classes of allowable investments categories include the following:


Asset Class Instruments
Fixed Income Government Bonds and Treasury Bills
  Fixed Term Deposits (short and medium term)
  Corporate Bonds and loans (corporate financing); and
  Loans to Associated Authorities
  Microfinance scheme
Equities Ordinary shares
  Preference shares
Real Estate Commercial and office buildings; and
  Residential Housing units
Public Private Partnerships Infrastructure development
Unit Trusts Collective Investments Scheme