LASF Integrity Committee Launched

LASF Integrity Committee Launched

(Speech by PS Bishop Dr. Eddy Chomba on the launch of the LASF Integrity
Committee – 24/01/2020, read on his behalf by Mr. Chazya Musukuma)
I feel greatly honoured to be invited today to preside over this momentous occasion
in the history of the LASF which dates back to six decades. In the same breath, I
welcome you all to this very important day in as far as the fight against corruption is
Today we are launching the LASF Integrity Committee under the theme “Promoting
Corruption Free Work Environment”

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has time and again demonstrated its
commitment to the fight against graft in the public and private sectors. As you may all
be aware, corruption by any other name is still corruption, whether is it in
Government or private sector. Government’s commitment to the fight against
corruption can be seen in the way it has established independent bodies such as the
ACC, the Financial Intelligence Commission, the Drug Enforcement Commission, to
mention but a few. These autonomous bodies, among others, lead the Government’s
fight against corruption.

Further, Government deemed it fit to link the ACC to Cabinet Office through the
creation of the Integrity Committee Secretariat. It is through this link that various
integrity committees in the civil service, parastatal organisations as well as private
entities have been established.

Distinguished guests, the Integrity Committee (IC) Programme for Zambia is one of
the strategies identified by Government under the National Anti-Corruption Policy to
prevent corruption and maladministration in public and private institutions.
Essentially, the goal is to mainstream corruption prevention in the routine business of

The Integrity Committees Program in Zambia has garnered considerable support
and adoption from employees in most institutions and also has support from the

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highest levels in organizations as well as from the highest level of Government.
Notwithstanding some of the challenges it has encountered, its implementation can
be generally regarded as successful, and offers lessons of experience for African
and other developing countries implementing similar programs or intending to do so.

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has placed the fight against corruption
high on its agenda because of its devastating effects on the country’s development.
Government believes that integrity committees will help in mainstreaming integrity,
accountability, transparency and good governance in service delivery thereby
improving the lives of Zambian people.

While the government has demonstrated its strong will to fight corruption in various
ways including legal, institutional and social levels through which corruption could be
fought, the vice should not only be limited to government efforts but that all
institutions should show sound contribution to the fight.
Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I am aware that the Fund is guided by
its core values under the acronym P-FIRST: Professionalism, Fairness, Integrity,
Respect, Social Responsibility and Transparency. As can be seen from the
foregoing, the Fund was already taking steps to ensure there was integrity and
transparency in its affairs leading to a corruption free environment.

The LASF Committee was constituted in July 2019 in line with Section 6 (1) (a)(iv) of
the Anti-Corruption Act No.3 of 2012 which advocates for the formation of Integrity
Committees in all public and private bodies. Thereafter, Anti-Corruption Commission
provided training to members of the committee in September 2019.

Distinguished guests, the fight against corruption must be expressed or shown at
corporate level, meaning that ministries, departments, and agencies must put in
place measures that should prevent corruption in all its forms in their organizations. 
In the same vein individuals in all organizations must show their real commitment in

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the fight by ensuring that they are personally accountable for their actions and those
of their subordinates in their day to day work.

In this vein, the Board Chairperson, through the Managing Director, must ensure that
anti corruption activities are part and parcel of LASF both at strategic and operational
levels. The fight against corruption cannot be achieved through lip service and
posturing, it has to be a lived experience.

To the Integrity Committee members, let me just sound a word of caution. You have
been appointed as watchdogs and not as investigators and prosecutors of cases of
corruption in your organisations. Your overall objective is to spearhead and facilitate
the process of preventing corruption in your institution through corruption prevention
best practices in liaison with the various departments within the organization. On the
other hand, your role is simply to help your employer to come up with best practices
that will address malpractices before they manifest.
In conclusion, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to congratulate
you on your appointment as ambassadors in the fight against corruption. I would like
to urge you to actively participate in this fight so that you help your institution to
become a better place to work at, as well as help improve service delivery.

Finally, I will be failing in my duty if I did not congratulate the LASF Managing
Director for taking this bold step in embracing the establishment of the integrity

It is now my rare privilege and honour to declare the LASF Integrity Committee
officially launched.

Thank you.

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